Education in an Altered World

Available in a bookshop near you or online from Bloomsbury – it’s the publication of a new book charting responses across education provisions for the marginalised individuals and groups during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The book grew out of a series of presentations at a seminar considering education’s responses to the pandemic. The presentations were drawn from across the globe perhaps weighted to Europe yet they covered a diverse set of groups of children and young people and ways that practitioners continued to ensure that gained access to inclusive and equitable education.

I was very pleased and very chuffed to have been asked to write up my contribution by our very helpful editors. The key focus for presenters was to consider the impact of the pandemic on the learning and well-being of a diverse set of groups such as refugees, Roma children and those living in impoverished conditions in a range of countries including Canada, Romania, England, Italy, Austria and Iceland. My work complimented this focus by considering systemic change at a global level and also mentioning some developments in Scotland. in the end, my chapter concluded the book and linked systemic themes with the focused presentations.

With a summarising introduction from the editors the book is organised in five parts with fifteen chapters.

Part I: Critical Understandings of Educational Exclusion and Crisis

Part II: Teaching and Learning under the Shadow of a Global Pandemic: Exclusions and Possibilities

Part III: Addressing Social Exclusion: Illuminating Possibilities for Inclusion in and through Crisis

Part IV: Including Excluded Individuals and Communities in Times of Crisis

Part V: Disability and Crisis; and

Conclusion. “Out of Crisis the New Future: Concluding Thoughts on Inclusive and Equitable Education For All With a View From Scotland”

Bloomsbury, the publishers, describe the book thus: “This book brings together world-leading researchers and scholars in the fields of inclusive education, disability studies, refugee education and special education to examine critical and original perspectives of the meaning and consequences of educational and social exclusion. Drawing together, the contributors consider how children already vulnerable to exclusion might be supported and educated in and through times of global pandemic and crisis. They also identify broad prospects for education and inclusion in, through and beyond times of global pandemic and crisis.”

Obviously I am biased and think the book is a sound addition to the great library of works on inclusive and equitable education. Just as an afterthought I placed the title into an artificial intelligence image generator. It came up with four images the best of which I thought was the one below

Education in an Altered World Pandemic, Crises and Young People Vulnerable to Educational Exclusion

I hope you get round to picking it up soon and that you enjoy it!